we plan your change of life and we do it with passion and dedication

Hexedes was born in 2008, the year in which Erika Breveglieri started to offer a completely innovative consultancy service for the expatriation and the creation of activities abroad.

In time, the need arose to create a new business reality, broader and more structured, in an international market context that was equally favorable. Choosing London as the main headquarters of our business is not a case and, in 2012, Hexedes World Ltd was born.

Hexedes World Ltd is a consulting and services society, born on the initiative of the founding member Erika Breveglieri who, with great passion, has created a unique structure in its kind. Hexedes is the only company in the world to offer a 360° service for Expat, with dedicated consulting packages created specifically for FAMILIES, STUDENTS, PENSIONS, PROFESSIONALS AND BUSINESSES.


Over the years we have evolved and we have grown to become a consolidated group that today is developing with its own offices and branches all over the world.

Hexedes World Group Ltd is the parent company, with registered office in London and opening a first branch in Italy, operational since June 2019.

In 2019 the subsidiary company H-Rei, Hexedes Real Estate Investments, was established with headquarters in London (UK) and with Hexedes also in Italy.

future goals

Between 2019 and 2021 Hexedes will be present with 5 operating branches in Italy, Spain, Mexico, China and Malaysia.

The goal is to get from here to 2030, in every country in the world with our exclusive services, moving people and businesses from one country to another with extreme ease while always maintaining high quality standard services.