Outstanding services! – 

We have had outstanding service from Hexedes as we moved from London to Rome. It started by supporting us in finding an apartment in Rome, just guiding us through confusing information. On site we were helped by our Hexedes representative in guiding us to a rich variety of apartments, which helped us ultimately pick what was right for us. Our Hexedes representative then helped us through a tricky negotiation process, with a lot of local potential loopholes, and held our hand all the way to signing. But she did not stop there, but continued support us with getting settled with mobile telephony, broadband access, setting up the appartment with all its technical details, and finding our way around Rome.

The service has been provided in excellent English, with intelligence, humour, style and tireless attention to detail. We can recommend Desiree Lutzi and Hexedes strongly and thank you for your beautiful help to learn to love a new life in Rome.