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You can’t embark on an overseas relocation relying solely on generic information found online 

and without proper time and budget planning.

This approach will lead to project failure with serious emotional and financial consequences!

To ensure our clients’ future, in 2012 we developed a proven method that has already been utilized by thousands worldwide.

The first and only program for a Family Relocation,  

fully personalized and meticulously designed, to secure a new future abroad.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Expertise and professionalism for an essential service. An absolutely indispensable service to ensure the relocation of a family, without significant loss of time and money. Our experience has been highly positive; we were guided step by step and adequately informed about the necessary actions to complete school enrollments for our children, sports activities, house hunting, bureaucratic procedures, and even managing our pets. Highly recommended for those who can’t afford to waste time and money. Thank you, Alessandro and family.

Alessandro B. – From Italy to Tenerife, Spain

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Book your video consultation for just €97

Do you already know where to relocate, or are you still uncertain about the best place for you and your family?

Chances are, you have little to no idea about the costs and expenses involved in this relocation. From work to healthcare, schools, housing, there are truly numerous aspects to consider when choosing the right destination.

No surprises! Through this initial direct consultation with us, you will precisely obtain all these FUNDAMENTAL CUSTOMIZED INFORMATION tailored to your needs.

Receive the comprehensive Relocation Plan in your email.

After our video call, within just 5 days and without leaving your home, you will receive the personalized Relocation Plan directly to your email, including timelines, costs, and project details.

Share your decision with us without any obligation.

Whether you choose to proceed with the program for relocating or decide otherwise, it’s no issue.

At Hexedes, we’re here to support you now and in the future. If you decide to continue with your project, you’ll find all the instructions in the email you receive.

Imagine the happiness of living with your family, peacefully in the place of your dreams

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Highly recommended. My husband, my 3-year-old daughter, and I moved from Italy to Sydney. Since we were unfamiliar with the city and the move was significant, we decided to turn to Hexedes for assistance. They assigned us Federica as our on-site advisor, and she was our savior. In just a month and a half, we found and furnished our house, our daughter started childcare, we had all the necessary documents, and I found a new job. Beyond the challenges of changing our lives, having someone to help with bureaucratic matters (which are quite numerous in Australia!) and to chat with during those initial weeks made our experience truly “easy” and without trauma. Even now, 6 months later, Federica remains a fundamental reference point for us. I recommend their services to everyone!

Anna Garau – Family Relocation to Sydney, Australia

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Don't choose this consultation if:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  The first stone. Today’s consultation allowed us to lay the first stone, take the first step to turn a desire to escape into a concrete life project. Erika was clear, direct, practical, and extremely competent. She answered all our questions and helped us find the right direction for us. Thank you very much!

Ale. F 

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What will you get immediately from this video consultation?

If after receiving my personalized plan I don't want to proceed with the relocation, what happens?

Absolutely nothing happens. After receiving the email with your feasibility plan, you will be free to decide whether to proceed with purchasing the complete relocation program or not. If you choose to stop, nothing further will be owed.

"If after the first consultation I decide to proceed with the project and purchase the complete package, what happens?"

We will get to work right away! Let’s create your Hexedes team on WhatsApp or Telegram, where you will find 3 members of the team: your personal Advisor and two supervisors as additional support from the company. You will have an initial video call with your Advisor to define the very first 3 objectives. We start working for you immediately, even while you are still in your home country.

What are the main advantages of using expatriation consultancy and how can it help make the process smoother?

The first and fundamental advantage is to immediately obtain accurate, up-to-date, and tailored information for you. Only in this way can you calmly assess whether and what is right for you. Another advantage that only Hexedes can provide is the constant support of a Local Advisor throughout the duration of the relocation. The final advantage resulting from these first two is a minimum of 50% savings on living costs, starting from travel expenses.

What do I exactly get by booking the consultation for 97 Euros?

You get a personalized video consultation with one of our Expert Advisors, with no time limit. After 5 days from our video call, you will receive your personalized relocation plan, including practical and financial details of your project. All of this will be sent directly to your email without you needing to leave your home, and all for just 47 Euros.

What are the job opportunities for family members in the context of expatriation, and how can we maximize our career prospects?

The job pathway, which you will find in the comprehensive expatriation program, will also fulfill you in this aspect. Hexedes will organize a CV and a tailored cover letter for you according to the destination country, and will present you with numerous job offers to apply for.

How can I tackle the challenges of learning a new language and communication in a foreign country?

Hexedes also takes care of this important aspect of the relocation by offering you various language courses with our coaches, even before your departure. It’s important to be well-prepared to integrate effectively into the new country both socially and professionally.